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How a medium reading can truly help heal the grief?

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

As a medium I always get many questions, So what really happens after death? How do I know my loved ones are OK? Will my young child grow up in spirit? The questions are endless. I always like to say we are souls having a human experience and once we die we shed our physical bodies. The soul is unborn and forever living.

When ask the question is my child growing in spirit?

Growing on a soul level yes as the soul is always learning and there is an all knowing in the afterlife but growing in there physical body no as they shed that body when they died. Sometimes spirit will present itself to me in the physical body so that I can give verifiable information as the person getting the readings remembers them. But the soul is not that human body any longer.

So how can a medium reading help you?

Honestly there is nothing like the experience that is what I always hear from my many clients around the world. Having a medium be able to connect you and to give you validation that there is survival of the soul beyond death of the body is like no other and helps you feel closer and more connected in knowing that there spirit is forever living and with you during the rest of your human experience. #PublicSpeaking #healinggriefmediumreadings #lifeafterdeath #soulpurpose #survivinglossofalovedone #mediumreading


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