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Ginnys work has been featured in numerous media . She has been recognized and interviewed on New York radio, Influential Podcast, Mystic Magazine, Psychic News, Daily News and featured on celebrity  YouTube channels.

She was listed as one of Los Angeles Best. 

She has been apart of other collaborations such as paranormal investigations , events and shows exploring some the most notorious active locations such as  The Waverly Hills, Queen Mary, Mentryville and Glen Tavern Inn and more.

Her abilities are a Gift to be shared with others. She is truly grateful for the opportunities to reach a wider audience through such platforms. Rather  she is helping someone privately or through the media her ultimate goal is to provide guidance, clarity and healing  and a better understanding of the spiritual world. 

Interviews News,Magazines

Podcast and Youtube Features 


Paranormal Investigations and events 

Paranormal event Glen Tavern Inn
Hosted By Ghost Hunter Marie mason

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Talk Spirit podcast live reading moments 

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