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Sessions Ginny offers

Psychic Reading 

What are they?

A Psychic intuitive reading is the channeling of ones spiritual guides and energy to offer spiritual knowledge ,advise so that you can align with your highest self. This includes the use of tarot reading, angel oracle cards, oracle cards, angel answer cards and my own Psychic Intuitive abilities. Many people seek more information about career choices, relationships, and spiritual questions and this reading brings them clarity, understanding , and insight to help one shift the energy and patterns in these matters. The future is created by your free will and choices. Intuitive readings bring you support so that you can manifest and create the future aligned with your highest good. It can also advise you of things not meant for you along with answer questions of your future.

Online Intuitive Reiki Healing

What are they?

Intuitive Reiki combines the healing energy of Reiki with the ability to read the subtle energies of the body and in the energy field around you.  It is through being able to read the energy that greater insight and healing can occur.  This can help to reveal deep rooted experiences and belief patterns that have been creating blocks.  By understanding the messages in the energy, you may also receive guidance and support in discovering choices that would continue to raise your vibration thus leading to greater healing. 

Reiki can be done no matter where the participant is located. We offer fully virtual sessions. 

The Reiki energy assists in shifting the vibration of these blocks so that you feel more balanced, motivated to make positive changes in your life, and more spiritually awake.

Medium Reading  

What are they?

Channeling the spirit of your loved ones who have passed onto the spiritual plane Ginny can use intuitive communication with spirit to relay messages to you and them.  These can be done via phone or video or in person. There is additional charge for more than 2 people. For family or group reading please book through group readings.

Crystal Reiki Healing  $179

What is this ?

Ginny offers Crystal Reiki Healing , Crystal Reiki Healing is a form of alternative medicine for restoring, harmonizing and balancing our Mind, Body and Soul. This technique aids in balancing your chakras ,aura, mental and emotional bodies. Helps in transmuting anger, fear, sadness, addictions, guilt and shame or any other energy blocks you may have. Not only does it do all of the above it promotes your body into self healing and pain relief from physical conditions or illness.

Hybrid Reading

What are they ?

This reading is combination of Psychic and Mediumship reading 

Group readings, Group Medium readings, parties, events, 

Please email to inquire about pricing

Hire Ginny for your next event

Rates starting at $199 hourly excluding travel fees there is 2 hour minimum. Rates are adjusted according to location and number of guest

 Halloween parties , birthday parties,  small group or family medium readings, psychic parties, seances, events and much more. To inquire about hiring Ginny please email our team at please include location, date , type of readings you want & number of guest. A deposit is required to hold your spot which will go toward the final amount due.

Home Business  cleansing $850

In your home or business

Home/Business Clearing, Cleansing &  Blessing - This is a great service if you are planning on buying a home,  you just purchased a home or you are wanting your current home read and  cleansed.   You don't want to buy a house without knowing the true  energy of the property.  If you are interested in having this done before you buy, I can come during the 2nd showing or inspection.  During the reading I will tune into the energies of the home and the property that it was  built on.  If there are any lingering negative energies attached to the  property,  I can pick up on them and assess the severity.    Most of the time a simple clearing and cleansing of the property will remove any  lingering spirits or energies.  I will travel up to 25 miles from my  office.  Any additional miles, I will  have to charge for travel  time.
People request this type of clearing for many reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • Relationship issues within families or the workplace

  • Divorce

  • Birth of a child

  • Empty nest

  • A death on the premises

  • Serious and/or sudden illness explained or unexplained

  • Sudden changes in behavior by people or animals

  • Property is up for sale and needs clear energy to attract new home owner

  • Just moved into a new home or rental and need to clear out previous occupant’s energy

  • Evidence of paranormal activity, …noises, apparitions, smells, etc.

  • Business needs to attract new customers

Psychic Detective 

What is this ?

Is used via Victims families and Law enforcement in using my gifts to get valuable information in cases such as Missing persons, Murders, ect. Price is based on case and if travel is involved please call or use contact form if you are inquiring about these services

Terms and conditions : By booking a session you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and that all services are considered final after payment and all sessions are to be paid in full to hold your spot. Services provided to you are for your entertainment purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated. You are solely responsible for seeking medical attention from a licensed professional for any concerns about your health or mental state. My readings are not substitute for any professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice. No refunds at all. For missed or cancelled sessions you must cancel and reschedule your reading within 24 hours of your reading or you risk losing your appointment fully for same day please cancel and reschedule your appointment atleast 2 hours before your reading. Deposit must be put down for events and will go toward the final price of your event. In person classes, meditation and workshops must be reserved and paid in full in advance to secure your spot. Deposits are non refundable for missed or CANCELLED events or readings.

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