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Altar Burn Service

Psychic Medium Ginnys Altar Candle Burn service
Candles are burned on the altars of Psychic Medium Ginny candles are dressed with oils and herbs and your personal petition is printed & placed under your candle after candle is prepared you will receive an emailed photo of it. Candles burn between 5-7 days after the burn is completed you will then be emailed after photos along with detailed candle reading. Candles are started between 5 to 7 days after ordering or sometimes sooner depending on altar space availability. Be sure check email & spam folders for candle photos and reading. Altar service Candles do Not ship only for altar service. Your candle on altar imagery may differ from below photos but will be the same type of candle.
To have your candle rushed on the altar within 24 hours please 
purchase  rush my candle for extra $10 per candle this will prioritize your candles above others

Sundays are excluded from rush so if you purchase sat it will be started by monday

This is a service to help one in manifesting desired results using candles


How to make out your petition:

When you purchase the candle, there is a section asking you to fill out your petition right above the “add to cart” button.  The request on your petition describes your situation and what you would like to happen: to find love or friendship, help an ill friend,to bring you and your love closer bring back an ex, bring more money into your life, etc. Including birthdate information for all those involved is helpful

Example Bring John doe 12-12-82 closer to me Jane doe  01-01-82 reignite the love between us 

Terms and Conditions 

Candles do not ship. All sales are final no refunds on altar service, Candles are started in order they are received unless you purchase the start my candle now then it prioritizes your candle. No spiritual work is ever guaranteed however Ginny has a very high success rate with results of her candle work. No promises are made or implied when ordering a candle you understand this is service where candle is burned on your behalf and you purchasing digital product in this case photos of your candle and a reading performed after service emailed to you, There are NO  gaurantees on candles or spiritual services and for legal purpose you understand that candles are for your entertainment purposes only.

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