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Rush my candle service

Rush my candle service

To have your candle rushed as priority on the altar please purchase this along with your candle. Purchasing this gets your candle on within 24 hours and prioritize your candle above others. Altar time is between 5 to 7day wait depending on Altar space this allows you to prioritize your candle to be started within next 24 hours of purchase. If you purchase more than one candle you will need to purchase the rush for each candle you want to be started early. If this is out of stock it simply means the altar is full at this time and no candles can be rushed. Keep in mind Psychic Medium Ginnys altar burn service is a very popular and well sought after service so this helps bypass your candle over others.


Sundays are exempt from this service so if you purchase this on a saturday your candle will not be started until Monday.


You are not purchasing any physical products here only a rush service for the candle you a have choosen this for. 



You understand that this is a form of manifestation and that no garantees are implied or stated by purchasing this rush service you are only asking that your candle be burned within 24 hours 



Some people see results right away some it takes months this really depends on severity and your belief in this service keeping positive open mind can help manifest results however keep in mind your spirit guides will always manifest what is for your highest good . 



This service garantees your candle to be started within 24 hours once candle is out which takes 5 to 7 days of burn time there maybe 1 to 3 day wait for you to get your candle reading with total time being around 10 days for this service start to finish. 


You are purchasing a service in whcih you receive digital documents of photos and reading via email you use at checkout 

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