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Growing up as a medium

I have a been a medium and intuitive since I was a young child I didn't know it then ,but as I grew more into it I started to understand why I was the child I was. Let me say it wasn't easy and nobody believed me or understood me. I remember when I was young we lived in this old home with panel walls I remember I use to see this old woman who looked mean she would stare at me at night she had to be from the early 1800s I still remember exactly how she looked. There was nights spirit came to me so much I would be so scared that I would literally go sleep at the foot my parents bed in the floor just to get some rest from the entities that came. Thats pretty scary as adult now imagine being a young kid. I use to tell stories of these dead brothers who was buried in this field behind my house and grandma would be like stop telling fibs and stories but I saw these kids and they told me they was my brothers. Everyone thought I lied and never understood me. Going to school was huge problem as this school I went to had so much negative energy around it that I fought with my parents on going everyday like it was the worse feeling ever going to that school. Later in my teenage years my parents finally moved so I went to another school which was way better and the energy was much more peaceful there. I also remember I use to sleep a lot in the day time which was because at night spirit woke me so much so I was a night owl I guess you can say.

Moving forward as I got older all I could think about was getting so far away from home I had a calling to be somewhere else. I finally move to california I think there was just a lot of bad history in alabama. Throughout the years I became a mother, got married to a marine and boy did that come with another handful of problems not only was I figuring out who I was and my purpose my husband was suffering from ptsd ,on top of that I was going through this spiritual awakening and a spiritual awakening is not all rainbows and roses its deep, emotional, and damn right intense. I suffered from years of depression, anger, and even had issues with self harming. At some points I would just want to end it all and be out this physical body. It was a dark time for me and most people do not even know that. But through all that I needed to find a solution figure out what to do to help me overcome this darkness so I reached out to meditation went to some Buddhist temples and I felt just light in that moment. I truly believe learning to meditate and slow my mind help me dig deep into who I was.

About year into meditation I went through a divorce so I started getting into crystals to help assist in that so me and a good friend would travel to all sorts of shops all over Los Angeles finding crystals and learning about them. I remember the first day I was in one of my favorite Hollywood shops I found a tarot deck I picked them up and from that point forward I could give readings it was always inside of me I just had to find it again. I had hidden that part me growing up so once I opened it again there it was. I recall my first medium encounter I was at a gas station down the street from my house and a spirit came to me so I approached the gas station clerk was like did you lose someone close to you recently like this week ,his reply yes oh wow my aunt passed away yesterday we was very close. Overtime I went to classes and workshops to help in developing my abilities gave free readings to friends, to family even strangers. I dug deeper into more spiritual practices and I cannot tell you how many books I read. I dug deep into spiritual practices and even into the law of attraction learning to manifest and just becoming and understanding how much power I truly held and how much I could help people with this. And I believe that is what spirit wanted from me.

After time of practice spirit came to me one night and was like its time, this is your calling and so I started my business. I've had to work multiple jobs and have the support of a guy I date, honestly if it wasn't for him I would have probably been homeless but spirit brought him to me as well, shall I say Oshun did. Being a medium and spiritual worker has not been easy but it is rewarding helping people, its truly great to have someone come into the office and be in so much grief after a loss of a loved one and have them laughing the next minute because you can share information from that loved one just to see the relief on there face is rewarding alone. Now I am teaching others like me through courses to help them develop there own abilities. In the end my only goal is to see my clients truly happy and us all succeeding in life because abundance is limitless in the universe there is enough for us all.


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