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Tik Toc Live Candle Service

Tik Toc Live Candle Service

This is the candles available for Tik Tok live please choose your candle and be sure to tune in on Tik Tok live at 7:30pm PST on the date shown on banner you will watch Ginny dress and fix your candle live.

This is candle service done live on video no candle will ship.

Ginny will dress and fix your candle on live its up to you to be on the live to watch if you miss it then photos will be sent instead to email provided if you purchase through here along with email reading at end of burn. Candles burn around 7 days so please allow up to 10 days to receive your emailed reading.


Results will vary when manifesting with candles some people see fast results others can take months severity of the situation and your belief in the service are all factors here. However I cannot guarantee Results at all.


You understand your purchasing a digital service that is done on video or via pictures and that no product ships to you. You understand that all services are done for entertainment purposes only and that no guarantees are implied to stated.

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