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Reversal | Return to sender candle service

Reversal | Return to sender candle service

The reverse candle spell service is said to be used to remove , release and return any negative energy, blocks, spell work or evil eyes. Once the candle is lit it will immediately release the hold or block you will feel relief. Its great for removing curse and even streaks of bad luck. Once it is removed it will then reverse the work back on all senders.


This is a candle service no candles are shipped you are paying to have the candle burned on the altars of Psychic medium Ginny and be updated via photos and email


Candle prayer to say each night as it burns

O powerful forces of the universe, I call upon you to aid me in reversing any negative energy that has been sent my way.
With this candle, I symbolically reverse any evil intent or harm that has been directed toward me, and I ask that it be returned to its source.
May this candle serve as a beacon of light and protection, surrounding me with positive energy and deflecting any negativity.
May any harmful intentions be transformed into positive energy and returned to the sender, bringing them the enlightenment and love that they need.
So mote it be.



What will we need for candle ?

Your name DOB and petition of what your expecting from this candle or as much information on the person your performing the candle for



This is a candle service no candles will be shipped to you all candles are burned on our altars on behalf of you. Candle used will depend on candle availability but will be the same type of candle the image and colors may vary.



1 you will receive an email confirmation once ordered

2 candles are started 5 to 7 days after initial order sometimes sooner depending on altar space availability to have it started faster please purchase the rush my candle for an extra $10 per candle being done.

3 Candle is then fixed with mixed of herbs and oils and prayed over along with your personal petition is printed and placed under your candle. Candle burns 5 to 7 days update email is sent to you with photo of your candle

4. After candle is finished a candle reading is performed and noted down an update email is sent 1 to 3 days after burn along with photo of the glass of your candle.



Some clients have great burns and results are seen immediately some need to repeat candle work some great burns have taken months to manifest. Keep in mind variables including severity of the clients problems and obstacles and their belief in the service impact results. Keep in mind your angel and guides will help manifest what is for your greatest good. Results are not garanteed.



Please use a reliable email as this is where all your results and photos are sent of this service. If you have any questions please use live chat button here on the website to speak with an assitant of Psychic Medium Ginny




No refunds are or will be awarded unless psychic medium ginny cannot perform the service if you need to change your candle please reach out imediently before the one you ordered is started to change it.




Due to legal reasons I must state that my services are for your entertainement purposes only. You are paying for a digital document in this case photos which are sent to the email you use at checkout.

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