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Come to me  7oz

Come to me 7oz

Come To Me Oil is a love drawing oil that is ideal blend for gaining the attention and affection of someone who interests you. It can stimulate passion in current relationships and promote fidelity and commitment. It is also used to intensify your intentions during ritual work. 

What does Come To Me Oil do:

  • Deepen commitment and promote fidelity.
  • Increase the power of drawing and attraction rituals.
  • Makes you alluring and desirable to the person you target. 
  • Strengthen focus and enhance the power of your intentions.
  • How to use Come To Me Oil:

    You may apply it on your altar or place a drop or two in the heel of your shoe. If you have a mojo bag, dab some on to keep the spirit of the mojo bag fed. dab some on petitions, photographs or hidden articles of clothing. It can be used by itself to increase focus and intensify your intentions.  Use in your bath, wear on yourself. 

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