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Bad Ass B*tch oil | Power| Confidence

Bad Ass B*tch oil | Power| Confidence

Do you want to be an unstoppable superpower, taking the world by storm? If so, our Bad Ass Bitch Oil was formulated just for you! It can help you break through obstacles, bound past setbacks, and crush any competition that stands in the way of you and your dreams. We’ve made sure to add some serious success and confidence herbs in this blend, so let your hair down, cast aside your inhibitions, and don’t hesitate to go after what you want! Make no mistake, our Bad Ass B*tch Oil is a power blend and it targets all the right intentions to help you feel as though the world lay right at your fingertips and is yours for the taking. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.  

What does Bad Ass Bitch Oil do:

  • Boost confidence, assertiveness, and tenacity in order to reach goals.
  • Aid in overcoming blocks, setbacks, and obstacles.
  • Give you an edge over competition or those trying to stand in your way.
  • Enhance focus and determination on the pathway toward success.
  • How to use Bad Ass Bitch Oil:

    Our Bad Ass Bitch Oil can be used in numerous ways. Anoint some on your jewelry or favorite talisman. Place a couple of drops in the heel of your shoe, anoint some on a dime, nutmeg, or High John Root and carry it on you. Dab some on important documents. In the workplace, anoint some on your desk or on your business cards. 


    How to use Bad Ass Bitch Oil in a Spell or Ritual:

    Another great method for using our Bad Ass Bitch Oil is to work a candle ritual. For this spell, you will need the following items:

    Ground nutmeg

    A purple or orange candle

    A purple or orange string or piece of thread

    Ah, tell me

    A picture of yourself (4 x 4 works best)

    A bay leaf

    A pen (felt tips work best)

    To begin, get a photograph of yourself and place it flat on your altar or table. Dab each corner of the photograph with some Bad Ass Bitch Oil. Then, take your bay leaf and write exactly what you wish to conquer or achieve right on top of it. Place this on top of your photograph. Grab your dime, and place this on top of the bay leaf.  Finally, sprinkle a bit of your ground nutmeg on top of the dime, bay leaf, and photo. Get any type of fire safe plate and place this on top of the dime, leaf, and photo. Get your candle and anoint it with some Bad Ass Bitch Oil by drawing the Oil up the candle towards the wick. When ready, light the candle and chant the following:

    “Blessed be, blessed be, my power is my own. I conquer the world with the power in my bones. I am all that I seek and all that I need. Blessed be, blessed be, the power is within me.”

    Another option is to state a prayer of your own or recite Psalm 23.

    When the ritual is complete, get your photo, bay leaf, and dime. Fold your photo in half so it covers the dime and bay leaf, turn it 90 degrees and fold it again. When you make your folds, make sure you are folding towards yourself with the crease facing away.  Fold it as many times as possible. The goal is to securely wrap the contents of your photo. Then, take your string or thread and wrap it around your photo. Keep wrapping it until the contents are safely protected. Carry this on you or you can put it under your mattress directly below where you sleep

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